Becoming an Authorised Marriage Celebrant
Marriage Celebrants Australia (inc)
Marriage Celebrants Australia (inc)
Marriage Celebrants Australia (inc)
Marriage Celebrants Australia (inc)

So you want to be an Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Do not contact the MCA Inc Est. WA

All queries relating to course content, structure, availability, appointments, attendance, numbers, etc. should be directed to the "authority" at the Marriage Celebrants section listed.
How do I find out? Before you embark on becoming a Celebrant read the excerpt from the Attorney General's Website: Facts and Figures

A serious undertaking of Financial resources and 'Market knowledge' should be given before embarking further. See Notes Below.

All Enquiries should be directed to:

Attorney-General's Department
Robert Garran Offices
National Circuit
Phone: (02) 6234 4800
Fax: (02) 6234 4811


Website: Click here - (OLD Link)

Note: Changes to this curriculum are now under way starting 3 February 2010.
To prepare yourself you need to:

  • complete and pass 'the complete Cert IV CHCMCEL401A (a full twelve month TAFE COURSE through one of the many National Training providers (see our links page for a provider);
  • apply to the Marriage Section as above to be placed on a waiting list;
  • pass the 'Fit and Proper Person Test' in order to be appointed.

Celebrants will then be appointed ad hoc within two months of applying to the Marriage Celebrant Section.